Wizard Hult - Zdarma Adventury Hrát

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This wizard's specialized in conjuring up stones in all shapes and sizes, from pebbles to rocks. Like every human being, this wizard has his own weaknesses. Hult, that's his name, has a tender spot for women and gemstones. One day he falls in love with a châtelaine called Shiloh. The love isn't mutual, but she decides to give him a chance all the same, and asks him to meet her at full moon at the top of her castle. Hult sets out full of hope and energy, and he knows that a lot of challenges and dangers are awaiting him. He's confident though that his special gift of creating stones can be very useful on his way there. Will you join him in his quest for love? Keep the blue and red bar as full as possible. Collect stars and golden coins!
Ovládání: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around. Press S or the down arrow to open a dungeon door. Hold the left mouse button to draw stones. Click on that same stone to make it disappear.

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Hry - Wizard Hult Hra

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