Canary - Zdarma Adventury Hrát

Název hry:

Claustrophobic canaries, watch out: don't let yourselves get caught and be sent into the mines! This brave little bird has been hired to work in this mine. He uses a drill as a tool to drill through the rocks and split them. Some pieces of rock can't be split up in one attempt: it will have to 'cut' a block and push it forward. Sometimes there are some little little carts standing in your way: you can simply push them and move on. Take the right corridor, and stay inside the screen, that slowly moves from the left to the right. Once the screen has 'overtaken' you, game's over...
Ovládání: Use the mouse to move the canary. Click to shoot. Hold the left mouse button to drill and split the rock.

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Hry - Canary Hra

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